Cocktail time – Hugo

Last summer,  I spent some time traveling around Europe.  Needless to say, I drank a lot of wine!  While in Italy, I also tried a lovely aperitif called Hugo. It was so delicious and refreshing I ordered it before every meal.  I loved it so much I asked one of the waiters to give me the recipe.  The secret ingredient was elderflower syrup.

When I returned home from vacation I just knew I had to recreate it.   Well, I couldn’t find elderflower syrup anywhere!   Served me right for not bringing back a few bottles with me.  A trip to the wine store, steered me in the right direction when the sales guy suggested Elderflower Cordial which was available at the local supermarket.  Turns out this worked just as well!


What to use

Prosecco (or sparkling Italian white wine)

Sparkling water

Elderflower Cordial



What to do

Add a few cubes of ice to a large wine glass.  Add 4 ozs of sparkling water, 2 ozs of elderflower cordial and 2 ozs of prosecco.  Stir.  Add fresh mint leaves. Cheers!

Feel free to swap out the prosecco with champagne. You can also play around the measurements to suit your tastes.

The elderflower cordial works well just mixed with sparkling water and mint. Or you could try it with tonic, club soda or even gin!




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