Guinness Punch

In honour of St.Patrick’s day, I decided to whip up this lovely drink.  Guinness punch is a Trini favourite.  Particularly for the fellas! Supposedly it “strengthens the back” and is much touted for its ability (mythical, in my view) to enhance a man’s prowess in the bedroom.  I can’t attest to that but it sure is quite tasty.

What to use

1 bottle of ice cold Guinness

1/2 cup cold milk

1/2 tin of sweetened condensed milk

generous pinch of cinnamon

generous pinch of nutmeg

dash of Angostura bitters

1/4 tsp of cocoa powder

What to do

Combine all the ingredients in a chilled bowl and whisk together and serve. Enjoy!


If you purchase this from a Trini punchman, you will most likely have the option to top it off with some wheatgerm, bran and even glucose.   Some punch vendors even add a whole egg to pack a little punch of protein in there.

I think it would be quite tasty with an addition of a dollop of vanilla ice-cream for a creamier, thicker texture.

After I made this, I decided to google alternative recipes and stumbled upon this visual recipe by a Trinidadian architect, Vernelle Noel.  How super cool is this?

Visual recipe by Vernelle Noel



  1. Ooooohhhhh, this looks delightful! I bought some Guinness to make Guinness brownies, but don’t love the taste of Guinness alone. This looks so tasty. I can’t wait to try it!

    • I hate the taste of Guinness on it’s own too! This is the only way I can drink it. In Tobago, Guiness ice-cream is also a favourite. Never heard of Guinness brownies but I imagine they would be delicious when combined with chocolate. I’ll be sure to look out for your recipe!

  2. I make and love Guinness ice-cream so this is right up my alley. Love, love, the illustration of the recipe did you draw it?

    • I love Guinness ice-cream! I can only get it in Tobago though.
      The drawing was done by a Trini architect. She has tons of visual recipes as she calls them. Check out her link at the bottom of the photo.

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