What can I say? I love food! I love trying new things. I also love to cook.  Unfortunately, I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like.  The thing is I love cooking for other people but slaving over a hot stove cooking for one? Not so much!   So as a single working professional gal, unless I am entertaining guests, it is usually much more convenient to eat out or get takeaway than to putter around in the kitchen.  Of course, it is also less healthy.  That is why I’ve decided to satisfy my passion for food and cooking by sharing my efforts through this outlet.

My (probably ambitious!) plan is to try a new recipe once a week from one of the many cookbooks I’ve collected over the years that have been sitting decoratively but idly on my kitchen counter. I’ll be tweaking the recipes as necessary to accommodate those who are cooking for one.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I hate leftovers! I usually can’t eat the same thing more that two days in a row.  Maybe three with a push.

I’ll also try to create a few dishes of my own since I love experimenting. You will be my guinea pigs!  Since I won’t be giving up my love of dining out anytime soon, if there’s a dish I fancy in a restaurant I’ll try recreating it at home.

Whenever possible I’ll also be featuring the glorious variety of cusine in my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago.

And finally, I’ll be  showcasing street food in all its many delectable forms.

Feel free to drop me a line at thecandichronicles@gmail.com!

Bon appetit!

PS All photos on this site are the property of the author (me!). Please do not reproduce without my consent or without crediting the photo to me.



  1. HI Candi,
    Thanks for your compliment re the pictures. You made me laugh about the tips because honestly I don’t think I’m qualified to give anyone advice I’m only learning myself. I looked around for an email contact on your blog but couldn’t find one…feel free to email me anytime with any question you might have on the photos and I will b happy to answer.

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